Our Enviro Group

Here is our keen Student and Teacher Enviro Group.
Year 1 - Esther and Ben Room 3
Year 2 - Louisa Room 7 and Isabella Room 6
Year 3 - Danielle Room 24
Year 4 - Alfie Room 12 and Zara Room 15
Year 5/6 - Austin and Kiki Room 28
Lauren, Reuben and You Bin Room 19
Amelia Room 20 and Britta Room 22
Year 7 - Siaun Room 32, Scottie Room 30 and Petra Room 33
Teachers - Miss Reid, Mrs Walker, Mrs Gray and Miss McIntyre

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maori Potato Planting

The enthusiastic Enviro Group have planted Maori Potatoes behind the Year 7 block. This is our third year of planting Maori potatoes at Queenstown Primary. It is part of the Tuhuri Whenua Project to increase the supply of Maori potatoes within New Zealand.
We were given 60 potatoes by the Tuhuri Whenua Project 2 years ago and from that crop we have collected the seed each year to plant the following year. Some of our school families have taken some of these plants for their own gardens and we hope to be able to offer more seed to families next year after this crop.

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