Our Enviro Group

Here is our keen Student and Teacher Enviro Group.
Year 1 - Esther and Ben Room 3
Year 2 - Louisa Room 7 and Isabella Room 6
Year 3 - Danielle Room 24
Year 4 - Alfie Room 12 and Zara Room 15
Year 5/6 - Austin and Kiki Room 28
Lauren, Reuben and You Bin Room 19
Amelia Room 20 and Britta Room 22
Year 7 - Siaun Room 32, Scottie Room 30 and Petra Room 33
Teachers - Miss Reid, Mrs Walker, Mrs Gray and Miss McIntyre

Monday, August 23, 2010

Simon talked to our three classes about landfills, recycling, reuse, reduce, composts and worm farms. We brought rubbish from home and discussed which objects were reusable at home or school, which objects were recyclable (please clean them out carefully) and which were waste that ended up in the landfill.

We all thought the diagram of the energy it takes to make a glass bottle was very informative. We decided that recycling the bottles used less energy, saving money, oil, gas, the planet and our environment.

The next day a group from each of our three classes worked with Simon to come up with the perfect place to house our worm farm.

That's it! right where James is hiding, under the cabbage tree between the swimming pool and Room 22.

We now have a worm farm and we will keep you up to date with our ...
The art of converting kitchen scraps and other household wastes into organic food for our plants and gardens with the assistance of earth worms.Tiger worms