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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wanaka Enviro Hui - Term 1

Sorry this has taken so long to report back on but we have been experiencing some issues with attaching photos and had wanted to add a slide show. Anyway, better late than never!
During Term 1, Georgia, Kiki and Bonnie attended an Enviro Hui in Wanaka, with Miss Reed. It was an amazing day that involved heading to Rippon Vineyard to hear about their wonderful sustainable practices. We learned a lot about their grapes and how they produce the best grapes they can, using the soil qualities and home-made compost. We even got the chance to taste some of these juicy grapes.
After lunch we spent some time sharing our achievements from school. It was really great to meet with other schools and hear about what they are doing. We told them about our various veggie gardens, our zero waste lunches, our sandwich wraps, worm farms, recycling, etc. They were very impressed and loved our wraps. We have since heard that other schools are now making these in their classes.
We also spent some time exploring the nursery they have there, which grows native plants for Wanaka Council and other groups. We took part in a competition to find all the different names - and WE WON! Yippee!
The day ended with a bit of a nature hunt, and all in all, we had great fun.
We can't wait until the next opportunity to meet up with other Enviro Schools. Check out some of our photos from the day.

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